Our Vision

To create a culturally relevant and inviting organization that challenges and encourages the presuppositions of both Christians and non-Christians alike. L2 strives to create a loving, giving and intelligent body of Christians whose biblical worldview improves and redeems the world in which they interact.

Our Beliefs

L2 believes that true discipleship means living life to the second power (L2): Living the life that God gave you with freedom, confidence and excellence.

Freedom, Confidence and Excellence come from a diligent, lifelong commitment to knowing the Word, Yourself, and your Mission.  L2 has a 3-phased approach to help facilitate the growth of the Christians in our community so that they may experience life as God designed it for them.

  • Phase 1 – View of Scripture

  • Phase 2 – View of Self

  • Phase 3 – Mission

1.    View of Scripture

Nancy Pearcey defined a person’s “worldview” as a “mental map that tells us how to navigate the world effectively.” We each have one whether we’ve considered or spent any time on it—simply because a human being cannot function without some way to interpret himself/herself and the world. We believe that all Christians are to diligently and intelligently apply themselves to know, understand, and apply the scripture in order to live out the Christian faith in everyday life—not simply the things that we do in church. In that sense, we believe that we are to have a worldview that comes from scripture rather than the world. For most people—even many Christians—that is a very different understanding and use of scripture.

2.    View of Self

This phase is intended to assist you in better understanding yourself in light of what the scripture has to say—about you. The Bible actually defines each of us totally uniquely rather than merely as men or women, spiritual or unspiritual, powerful or weak. This is one of the most attractive yet oftentimes missed aspects of Christianity. The Bible is typically viewed as an ancient writing that tells us some historical stories and talks about spiritual things. It is actually full of practical instruction that provides great insight into our true identity and purpose. 

3.    Mission

This is where the rubber really meets the road and yet it is oftentimes the area in which we are the most confused and/or disoriented. As you learn the scripture, you will inevitably come to understand yourself in a completely new way—your masculinity or femininity, your relational landscape, your career, station in life, hobbies, etc.—all are like brushstrokes on a canvas that paint the portrait of who you really are—completely unique from anyone else that has ever lived, is living now, or will live in the future. But discovering that in-and-of-itself is not enough. As you continue to learn the scripture, you also learn what God has to say about you and what “your” faith uniquely requires of you and the promise of God—through the work of the Holy Spirit—to attend those efforts. Accordingly, we believe that each of us has things to do in this life that no one else can do but us—that is “your mission” not the mission that you adopt from church programs and functions.