We believe in the dignity of every human being. This extends into the notion that every single person is created with a unique identity that is perfectly suited to fit their purpose in this world.

L2 means “life to the second power” which infers that Christianity enables a person to live life on a completely higher level, by helping people view their internal and external world with greater clarity that leads to sustainable changes. L2 was launched in 1992 by Russ McKendry where he served as lead pastor until he transitioned in 2018 to focus on providing services to underprivileged communities. Moving forward, the ministry will serve as an incubator providing support for two programs: Side-by-Side (a pre and post-release program implemented in the Denver County Jail) and Denver Coaching and Counseling. It will also be providing high quality biblically-based services that specialize in worldview training and sustainable life transformation in the Denver area.