Future of L2 Church


Dear L2 Church,

We have some really exciting news to share with you. But first some groundwork.

As we move through our study of Jesus’s Kingdom parables you’ll notice that they are never stagnant, but they demonstrate a steady and patient growth. This means that we as a church should almost always expect the Spirit to be prodding our next phase of growth and development. The past three years have been full of the Spirit’s prodding to move into new territory as a church. I have moved from part time speaker to lead pastor. Our founding pastor, Russ McKendry, has likewise transitioned from the lead pastor role and followed the doors that God has opened in counseling and coaching. Throughout this transition we have been imagining a new way for our church to have a greater impact on the city for the gospel. Part of this imagining was the idea of creating an incubator within our church, which could support and fund initiatives like a prison ministry. This idea dovetailed well with Russ’s work in training coaches who could then support a prison ministry in caring for a group that is often neglected.

We are now at a critical juncture in our church’s history, a position which is both challenging and full of opportunity. We have already moved through one of the largest transitions a church can make, the transition of a founding pastor, and throughout this transition much has remained the same, such as meeting times, locations, liturgies, etc; therefore, much of our impact on the city has remained similar as well. However, with the driving hope in mind that Jesus seeks to use his church to bear witness to his kingdom in every aspect of our city, the leaders of L2 have determined that God has not brought us to this transition point so we would only survive, but that we might seize it as an opportunity to re-imagine, from the ground up, our approach to ministry in Denver.

Therefore, the elders of L2 have decided that the best way to multiply our impact in the city is with a division of labor. We are going to take the ministry efforts of L2 Church and separate them into two entities.

  1. Entity 1: The formation of a counseling and coaching ministry with a focus on prisons, which will take place under the current L2 501c3.

  2. Entity 2: The formation of a new church, which will form its own 501c3.

This allows for a full focused pursuit of a counseling and coaching ministry that focuses on prisons, as well as a full focused pursuit of our next movement as a church. We believe this division of labor will allow for the greatest possible impact in the city by focusing our resources and effort towards our mission.

As these plans have come into focus we realized the funding necessary to accomplish them cannot be provided by cashflow alone. Since the sale of the building was presented to the congregation, it has remained an option and now we have reached a decision. We have decided that the best way to provide funding to launch our church into its next 25 years, and to initiate a movement of renewal that blesses our city is to sell our building and utilize the proceeds to fund both a coaching and counseling ministry, and the start of a brand new church.

To try and be more clear, we have outlined the steps below in terms of what this means for our church moving forward.

  1. We are creating a new 501c3, and two of our current elders, James Rathmann and Ryan Kunisch, as well as Jarrett Henson have moved onto the board of this new corporation, and have begun assembling the launch team for our new church.

  2. The remaining two elders, Russ McKendry and Steve Myrick, have remained on the board of L2. Under the L2 501c3, Russ and Steve will continue and greatly expand the coaching and counseling ministry. L2 will remain the owner of the building until the sale.

  3. Upon the formation of a new 501c3, ‘new church’ will enter into a lease agreement with L2 to remain operating out of the building during our initial development phase.

  4. The sale of the building will provide funds for both the launch of the new church, as well as the expansion of L2’s coaching and counseling ministry. This multiplication allows us to seek the betterment of our city, by allowing the church to single mindedly pursue our calling to make disciples, while allowing the coaching and counseling resource to have a greater impact in Denver.

So what does this mean for us as church moving forward? At first it won’t look like too much change. During this initial development phase for our new church we are committed to the continuation of all our current ministries (Sunday mornings, Worship nights, L2 Kids, Various classes and studies, etc.) and we will continue to need your time and donations as a body to keep moving forward. We have a 25 year foundation that we want to continue to draw from.

In another sense however, this is day one. This is a time to step out in faith together towards our next 25 years. A faith grounded in the hope that Jesus will grow his kingdom. Even if it looks small as a mustard seed right now, it will one day be the largest plant in the garden. I hope that you will join us on Sunday as we announce our next steps, and join us in prayer that Jesus might empower our church by his Spirit to seek his Kingdom.