At L2 Church, we strive to equip people to live the life that God gave you with freedom, confidence, and excellence. We do this through teaching, worship, and community. As a member, you will be part of a community that is committed to trusting scripture and seeking God's glory in all that we do.

There is a degree of responsibility and gravity to this commitment that requires consideration. As you consider membership, we want you to be aware of what it requires to become a member, what membership means, and what membership is not.  


  • Complete the membership application (bottom of this page)
  • Meet with leadership
  • Sign the Membership Covenant (this will be presented to you during your meeting with leadership after you've completed the application)



  • Transparency 
    • Members are granted church financial, administrative, and operational information.
  • Influence 
    • Members will be allowed to vote on church issues in order to influence the Elders' decisions.
  • Counseling
    • Members will receive access to the Counseling/Coaching Benevolence Fund.
  • Leadership
    • Members will be granted access to leadership roles (i.e. Community Groups, Staff, Events, Deacon, Elder).
  • Accountability
    • Members are required to hold the leadership accountable as well as the leaders to hold the members accountable to living biblically.  The leadership is here to serve the church not rule the church (Acts 20:28, Hebrews 3: 7,17).
  • Discipline
    • Membership is required for church discipline as it is the responsibility of our leadership to protect you from those who may harm and/or injure you in your life and practice of your faith (Matthew 18:15-17).  
  • Community
    • Membership creates a community of believers that are making a public testimony of their submission under L2 Church's leadership and working together to make disciples, and glorify God in all we do.


  •  A comfortable place spiritually.  You will be made more visible in the community and asked to hold those around you to the standard of living set forth by God.
  •  A club or bunker. We seek to intelligently equip people to send them out into their lives on mission, rather than highjack their lives in service to the local church.  
  •  A salvation.  Salvation of the elect was accomplished by the sinless life, substitutionary atoning death, and literal physical resurrection of Jesus Christ in place of his people for their sins and the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding their lives that are productive and honoring to God and his kingdom.

We are truly excited about your interest in membership, and we feel that your efforts will be significantly benefited as you attend to the needs of this city and the life that God has given you. 


Complete the online application for membership by clicking on the link below. After you have completed the application, it will be processed and reviewed by our leadership team, and we will contact you to schedule your Membership Evaluation Meeting.