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This survey provides a discovery on what causes people to become humiliated and indignant in their relationships, and will set the blueprint for how to be vulnerable without being mortified in all relationships.  

It is conduced on the principal that there are 5 levels of connections to truly being open and vulnerable in a relationship.  These 5 connections are: 

Spiritual- the religious, belief system, or spirituality component of your relationship.  Being connected spiritually doesn’t necessarily mean your are of the same spirituality, but it means that you can fully express yourself spiritually without feeling any shame, and are unafraid to share what you believe and why in the relationship. 

Economical- the financial components of your relationship.  Both parties feel that their financial outlook is understood, and contribute to the relationship fiscally in a way that does not overly burden one party or the other.  

Physical- the sexual aspect of a relationship.  

Emotional- the emotional connection of a relationship.  How well the other person’s insecurities, confidences, and feelings are understood by the other person in the relationship.

Intellectual- the mental connection of the a relationship.  How well people in the relationship can relate and engage intellectually. 

The purpose of this survey is to investigate the correlations between physical intimacy and other connections in relationships, and to discover how those correlations relate in other relationships outside of marriage.  We are hoping to identify underlying aspects of marriage that lead to divorce and sexless marriages, a marriage that results in sex less than 10 times per year.  This survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete. To take the survey click the link below: